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Maggie was born on this day in 1999, nineteen years ago. I’m not one who thinks a pup continues to age when they cross the bridge, Mag will forever be an eleven-year-old TriPug in my mind.

I was thinking back today about my life then, when I was anxiously awaiting the news that the litter had been born and everything was OK. Mag was my first Pug and my first dog in many years. She was coming to me from my Uncle Paul who had been breeding and showing Pugs for 20 years. My mom and I had been plotting to get a dog for my dad who had recently retired and needed more purpose in his life. When he said he didn’t want a dog I thought, hummm, a Pug…

I got really excited thinking about a Pug puppy of my own. I did research and learned everything I could. I tortured myself looking at puppy pictures. As the due date drew near, I waited and waited and waited for the phone to ring.

Finally my mom called, she had heard from Paul and the litter was here! Two boys and two girls, they would save a girl for me. My Uncle Chuck, Paul’s partner, sent me pictures every couple of weeks of the girl they picked out for me.

Cordelia with her four puppies, Maggie’s in there somewhere!

We made plans to travel down to LA to pick her up in early June. I had already picked out her name, Margaret, a character from a Shakespeare play. Paul was an actor and named all his Pug’s after Shakespearean characters so I was honoring his tradition. I decided that I would call her Molly.

When we got to LA Paul was at work but Chuck was there. Before he introduced me to my new Pug he told me was that they had decided to keep the girl that they said they were going to give me. As the puppies grew she turned out to be the smaller and therefore more desirable (to them) pup. When Chuck handed her to me I instantly knew Molly WAS NOT her name! She was Maggie from the moment we met.

Hello Maggie!









We stayed overnight and in the morning before we headed home I was signing paperwork with Paul, the normal stuff when you get a puppy from a responsible breeder. He wanted her registered with the AKC, I didn’t care either way but it was important to him. While looking at the paperwork I noticed that the whelping date was in April. I told him they were born on March 26th. I was sure because I remembered where I was when Mom called me, we had thought it was cool that she was born near my brother’s birthday as he had passed away a few years previously. Paul said no, they were born in April. Since I didn’t really care about the AKC stuff I let it pass, but I decided we would always celebrate Mag’s birthday on 3/26. Some months later I got a letter from the AKC saying that the registry for Mag’s litter was on hold due to paperwork problems, which I found quite amusing. Paul must have fixed it somehow because Mag’s littermate brother eventually got his AKC Champion Title in the show ring.

10 week old Maggie.








Chuck passed away in 2002, Paul in 2004. Since my mom inherited much of the estate we were tasked with cleaning out their house and getting rid of everything. I found all of Paul’s AKC records and was once again amused when I found the original whelping cert for Maggie’s litter with the date of 3/26/99!

So, to recap: I have pictures of the first 10 weeks of a puppy’s life that is not the Pug I got, I was so sure her name would be Molly that I had a tag made with that name before we went to get her, her official birthday with the AKC, as far as I know, is in April.

None of that matters, it’s the funny back-story of how we came together. Maggie was meant to come into my life and I am forever grateful.


Author: krun15

Maggie was a little black pug born in 1999. On September 7, 2006 she lost her left rear leg to a mast cell tumor. Because of lymph node involvement Maggie went through a 6 month chemo regimen. She was given 6 to 9 months after her amp, but she beat mast cell cancer! In the winter of 2010 things started to slide; in the course of about 2 months she had 2 MCTs removed, was diagnosed with incontinence and kidney failure, and then the big blow- oral melanoma. She lived her carefree tri-pug life until she crossed over on June 2, 2010.

5 thoughts on “Birth Date”

  1. Happy Birthday Maggie. Definitely a very special day. I don’t think she looked like a Molly either. She is a true inspiration and a true Princess Warrior. What a sweet sweet girl

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie! I love the story Karen, sometimes things are just meant to be. She definitely looks like a Maggie instead of a Molly 🙂

    Jackie and Huck

  3. Awww Karen, what a lovely story! Thank you for sharing all the details of how Maggie found you, clearly something that was meant to be. The photos are fun!

    Happy birthday in heaven Maggie!

  4. Oh Karen, this was soooo much fun to read how Maggie…the real Magtie became yours….snd you hers!! Just more proof that Maggie had your name stamped on her heart from day one!! I guess her stubborn streak started back then, as she was clear determined to go home with you, regardless!

    I loved seeing these pictures. Puppy breath was coming straight thru the screen! The picture of the pile of baby Pugs with their Mom…priceless!

    You know we all wish you never had to join this site. I hope you also know that, because of Mzggie and you, sooooo many lost and scared Souls have found comfort and hope through your partnership. Through you, Maggie is the “gift that keeps on giving”.

    HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!! We celebrate you everyday here! 🙂 🙂

    With love and appreciation

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. Neat to read how Maggie came into your life! You guys were destined to be together!
    I think it does all matter! Of course, you had Maggies & Molly’s birthday right! HEHE

    Happy Birthday Maggie, we are fortuante to learn from you Mom all these years later.
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

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