Roly Poly Pug

Maggie found a new way to come downstairs the other day at my parents house.  Actually her little sister Tani  instigated it.  Tani gets very excited at suppertime and tends to run without looking where she is going, and doesn’t care if she has to run over something to get to the kitchen.  Mag likes to sit at the top of the stairs and wait for my dad to go down with her.  She goes down by herself, but I think she wants to make sure my dad is coming.  She tends to sit with her butt on the top step and her front paws on the second step.  Since she is pretty little that means she is leaning down stairs.  Tani zipped by to chase her toy down stairs and pushed Mag off the step.  I guess she rolled down the steps (about 7 carpeted steps), hit the tile at the bottom of the steps on her side, and slid into the closet door.  Of course my dad was stunned- but Mag popped up and headed for the kitchen just like she meant to do that!  I kept an eye on her for a couple of days but there seems to be no harm done. 

It makes me think back to when she first lost her leg, and how easily discouraged she would get when she fell or got knocked over, even many weeks past the amputation when most or all of the pain had gone away.   She would just sit there and had to be coaxed to get up again.  Maggie has never been good with any change in her routine, and she really had a hard time at the beginning.  I talked to other people who would say- ‘my dog was her old self in a couple of weeks- didn’t even slow her down…’.    Now when she wipes out she just gets up and keeps on going.    Of course I would prefer she not barrel roll down the stairs, we don’t have any limbs to spare!

Author: krun15

Maggie was a little black pug born in 1999. On September 7, 2006 she lost her left rear leg to a mast cell tumor. Because of lymph node involvement Maggie went through a 6 month chemo regimen. She was given 6 to 9 months after her amp, but she beat mast cell cancer! In the winter of 2010 things started to slide; in the course of about 2 months she had 2 MCTs removed, was diagnosed with incontinence and kidney failure, and then the big blow- oral melanoma. She lived her carefree tri-pug life until she crossed over on June 2, 2010.

3 thoughts on “Roly Poly Pug”

  1. Maggie, I felt bad laughing but that was a pretty cute story! You’ve obviously got a lot of resiliency in you. Bet you didn’t even know that until you got used to the Tripawds way of life, huh?

    It’s hard to believe you once had a hard time on three legs. Be sure to tell others about that experience sometime, it will certainly give new Tripawd pawrents the hope they need to continue on in a pawsitive manner.

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