I spent part of the afternoon building a small stair unit to make it easier for Maggie’s younger sister Tani to get up on the bed.  I don’t think it will work for Mag,  still a bit too steep.  Tani has diligently ignored it since I put it by the bed, insisting on getting up on the chest, then the bed like always.  Usually later in the evening Tani won’t try anymore because the arthritis in her back bothers her, so I’m hoping she will try it tonight.  Most likely it will sit there unused and I will forget about it and when I get up to use the bathroom tonight I will wreck and the girls will be treated to words I’m glad they can’t repeat!

While I was building I was thinking about some of the accomodations I have made over the years for the pug girls. Of course since Maggie became a tri-pug many of them center around her.  I had to lower the dog door so she could just step through (and yes it still has the temporary patch with wood and duct tape, it has only been three years!).  When I built my deck I made the one step up tri-pug hight and width.  The step also has a piece of carpet for traction.  I just built a paver walkway through some loose rock so Mag can get to the far side of the yard.  Where ever there is tile in the house the throw rugs aren’t more than about 4 feet apart.  I have stroller for her- which brings a a laugh to almost everyone we meet on the street.  There are many more tri-pug accomodations- including some that didn’t work.  I tried to raise her food dish- but she didn’t like it.  She is pretty low to the ground so it’s OK.  I put a ramp on the side of my bed- no way would she use that.

Then I was thinking about the stuff I do just because I have the pugs. They spend a lot of time with my parents- so their house is equipped with toys, beds, leashes, and a supply of  food and dishes.  I have a crew cab truck (4 or 5 seater), but the back seat is always folded down for the girls.  Here is the one that cracks me up- the number of dog beds I have in my house.  Now keep in mind that  I live in a small two bedroom house, about 1400 ft2, and the girls sleep with me at night.  I have SIX dog beds in my house, five of which they can sleep in together!

I like to pretend I am the one in charge around here, but I’m not sure the evidence supports it…

Author: krun15

Maggie was a little black pug born in 1999. On September 7, 2006 she lost her left rear leg to a mast cell tumor. Because of lymph node involvement Maggie went through a 6 month chemo regimen. She was given 6 to 9 months after her amp, but she beat mast cell cancer! In the winter of 2010 things started to slide; in the course of about 2 months she had 2 MCTs removed, was diagnosed with incontinence and kidney failure, and then the big blow- oral melanoma. She lived her carefree tri-pug life until she crossed over on June 2, 2010.

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