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Life with a tri-pug

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Life with a tri-pug

Maggie’s Opinion

February 8th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

One thing about pugs- they are usually always hungry, and they will usually eat just about anything.

So there is another unique thing about Maggie the tri-pug.  She has always been a bit more picky about food than any pug I have met.  And now, with her new issues she had become picky to the point of loosing weight.  Now I know that there have been some stomach issues in the last couple of months.  She is eating OK now, but still refuses some of her favorites.

This video shows Mag and her sis Tani in true pug form.  Waiting patiently for lunch (a hold over from the chemo days when she had to have pills, and now sometimes one of the main meals she will eat), and for ‘School’, where my dad has them do a few tricks for additional snacks.  You will see school is a little loose, and Tani anticipates which tricks she is supposed to do.


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  • jakesmom

    Maggie and her sis are absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the video!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  • maggie

    Ok, those Pug girls are just way cute, Karen!!! Big hugs to Maggie from my Maggie 😉

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  • Carmen

    Sweet pugs.

    Carmen, Catie’s mom

  • peyton's path

    What a cute video! More treats please!! Keep up the good work girls, you get an A+ in my book!!


  • Dante at Abby's house

    /Users/Abby/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2009/Sep 5, 2009_2/P1030612.jpg

    Karen, Great video. The tricks are perfect, but the barking noises during feeding time are what really makes me want to give the girls an Oscar!

    Dante sends love. I tried to include his pic, but I’m not sure it transferred.

    Abby for Dante

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