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Life with a tri-pug

Barney Comes to Livermore

February 17th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Barney came to visit us in Livermore, California from Gerry in Madison Wisconsin.  Read the whole story in the official Blog of KILLBARNEY:

Since Maggie has not been her usual energetic self (for a pug),  Barney’s visit turned into him just hanging out as part of the pug pack.

He had dinner with us, and took naps

He went to the park with us

He arrived in time to watch the  Super Bowl (yea Saints!)

He checked out the toy box

He met the wabbit of video fame

Maggie has always been very gentle with her toys- she showed Barney her first Beany-Baby pug she got when she was a few weeks old.  We have to put it away now because little sis Tani’s mission in life is to find out what is inside toys…

Mag thought it would be fun to see Barney in the angel wings that Caira Sue’s dad Adam gave her-

Mag says too bad they won’t fit in the box…. but what would fit is Maggie’s new harness.  She couldn’t wear it until the stitches from the last tumor removal came out.  Now she can wear it but doesn’t like it very much.  I think it looks great on her (my dad calls it her handle)

Mag tried to give it to Cemil at the last Tripawds Nor Cal meet up:

But that didn’t work.  She really wanted Barney to have it, as her parting gift to him…

But we already got Barney a parting gift- something he will need where he is going next…

Barney was here through President’s day weekend, and we got some really good early spring weather.

Here is Barney in the fountain at my parent’s house (the pug girls second home)

And looking west waiting for the sunset-

But no trip to California would be complete without some pool time.  So at the risk of perpetuating the stereotype of California in the winter, here is Barney soaking up some rays-

And yes that is SPF 30 sunscreen for his delicate purple skin.

I hope Barney enjoyed his California vacation.  I have a feeling that the next stop will get him back into the KILLBARNEY scene where he will have to fear for his little purple limbs!!


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  • killbarney

    Great Photos! Thanks for sharing our wonderful visit with the Tripawds Community. I hope all members I meet keep being so nice.

  • jack crowder


    Those pug girls do get around! What an pawsome visit Barney had. Those Pug girls set a pretty high standard for spoiling visitors!

    Barney looks amazing in the Angel Wings, the red color clashes just a bit, but heck, what do I know!

    Well done, Karen and the Pug girls.

  • maggie

    Too funny Karen!!! 😉 Loved the pics…

    Hope his next visit he gets “roughed up” a bit!!! 😉

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  • jerry

    Oh girls, thank you for being so kind to my best friend in the whole wide world! You sure put a smile on our faces. So, where is he off to now?

  • anyemery

    Maggie was so nice to Barney! I’m sure he is all rested up for wherever he turns up next! Holly would love to nose around in that toy box. 🙂
    Great pics – especially loved the poolside picture!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  • Kami (Mackenzie's Mom)

    Love all the pics of the pug girls with Barney. Especially love the pic of Barney in the Ruff Harness. Are you sure that Barney isn’t really a pug in disguise? He seems to fit in so well!

  • Peyton's Path

    Barney and those pugs girls have a pawesome life, too bad Barney can’t stay there furever. I bet his next stop will be somewhere not as nice to him!!! What happened to the killbarney tour??

    Great pictures! Maggie it is very nice that you treated Barney as a friend, you are a very sweet girl!!!


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